Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Diamond Bar Fire!

Southern California’s hot, dry climate is a perfect support system for fires, so it is understandable that the state spares no expense when it comes to fighting them. Today when it was reported that several small brush fires were started along a highway in Diamond Bar, the Los Angeles County Fire Department sent out more than 250 firefighters, and dispatched trucks as well as aircraft to battle the blazes.
A member of the L.A. County Fire Department reports that there were eight brush fires, and about 50 acres were consumed. Firefighters worked swiftly and aggressively, as the fires threatened to spread to homes if they weren’t contained.

How the Diamond Bar fire started

The driver and passenger of a pickup truck might want to think of getting some quick loans so they can get a lawyer. Police are reporting that the fires were caused when a fire started in the bed of a pickup truck and the occupants didn’t realize it.
Reports say flames and sparks flew out of the pickup truck bed as the vehicle traveled on the freeway. The police have detained the driver and passenger from the vehicle, but no other information is available about the suspects right now.

More details on Diamond Bar fire

Not only did the fire department spend a lot of money putting out these fires, classes were evacuated at Diamond Ranch High School. The students stayed in the gym and waited for word on whether they had to evacuate the premises, but the flames never got close enough to the school to warrant concern.

Final word is that several small brush fires were put out using water drops from helicopters and the aid of 23 fire trucks. The people who were in the truck that is suspected of starting the fires are being questioned. So far, no property has been reported damaged besides government-owned land covered in brush.