Friday, October 30, 2009

Ghost Adventures Live

Ghost Adventures Live..
Security was tight at the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, Friday, where Ghost Adventures kicked off its first seven-hour live event. The excitement was high both inside, where the Ghost Adventures crew looked for paranormal proof, and outside, where the believers could not wait to see what they found.
Curious on-lookers started gathering at the hospital while preparations were still being finalized. The thrill of the Halloween Eve show began Thursday night for the crew, right after rehearsal.

Ghost Adventures Live..
"The guys got on a live chat ...and we had record numbers of people show up with minimal promotion for the chat," said Travel Channel Executive Producer Charlie Parsons, "But we blew away the records on our live chats, and I think that's a good harbringer for tonight."

Ghost Adventures Live..
Fans of the show of the hospital were easily as excited for Zak, Nick, and Aaron to search for ghosts.

"Every chance I get I try to come down and help out with anything that's going on, try to volunteer," said Dawn Ferrebee, who drove in from Salem. "Plus, I love the Ghost Adventures."

"Listen, honest to God, we watch these guys every week when they're on," said Chuck Rogan from Lumberport. "They're fantastic."

A few brought their own proof the hospital is haunted.

"It looks to be like two male doctors in a window a long time ago," explained Kay Beane, who took the pictures.

Fans got a surprise when the crew came to get advice on where they should look.

"The tunnels," said Beane. "They have places down there where they used to chain the patients."

"I found that I've heard a lot of stories from the from the 4th floor," claimed Ferrebee. "I hear it's pretty active."