Sunday, October 18, 2009

A devastated Leon Lai mourns the death of his beloved cat

Heavenly King Leon Lai's beloved cat Baba recently died of kidney failure, as reported by the Hong Kong news. The singer-actor was present at a charity event a few days ago when Baba's condition suddenly deteriorated. A nervous and panicky Leon interrupted the host a few times and rushed down to the hospital in hopes of seeing his cat for the last time.

In an interview at the event, Leon revealed that his cat, Baba (who shared the same name as a song) was admitted into hospital two days ago for kidney failure. Although she was said to be in stable condition, he was instructed to head down to the hospital as soon as possible as her condition suddenly took a turn for the worse.

"The doctor suggested putting her to sleep. I told him to stop scaring me. I hope that it can be saved and I want to go give her some encouragement. Even if she cannot be saved, I hope to see her one last time before she goes."

Leon sang praises of Baba and shared that she was the most obedient cat out of the three at home. Upset at her death, he said, "It was very sudden. After taking care of it for seven years, there are definitely feelings. I have not kept any pets before and I started taking care of cats only 10 years ago. I have not had the experience of facing with the death of pets."

It was reported that Leon and his wife, Gaile Lok rushed down to the hospital to see Baba for the last time. Unfortunately, she passed on before they arrived and Leon had to comfort Gaile who was visibly upset in tears.